Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

I was almost off of the meds, but many life altering decisions got in the way. My wife and I are looking for ways to move closer to family in the west. My wife’s family is in Southern Utah so we are looking at employment possibilities there or Las Vegas.

Ironically, my wife is a social worker. She noticed some change in my moods as the doctors were backing me off of my medications and asked me to tell my doctor about these changes. Well, as you might have guessed, the dosage amount of my meds were increased.
I am not sure if anyone will ever read these ramblings of mine or not. If so, I hope that others can relate to what I am going through and perhaps find some solace in my words. I know what it is like to do what I love and then have it ripped from me by an ailment that can be controlled. What is difficult is having a cure for my condition, but the cure is what keeps me from doing what I love.
I have made some attempts to contact various organizations today regarding any changes in FAA regulations on the use of antidepressants, but so far I am not making any progress.
Hang in there all and do not give up the fight. Giving in to the dark side of depression will only means we sink lower. There can and will be a way out. Find something each day to tell yourselves you are worthwhile.
Prozac Pilot

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