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I just got home from a vacation with my family. My son-in-law departed two weeks ago for basic training in the Naval Reserves and will be gone for three months. My daughter is now left at home alone with a three year old girl. My wife and I thought it would be a good break to wisp the two of them away and have some fun. So we did.

It was good to get back home and see that I had a couple of requests on my blog along with some comments. Thank you to those who have posted.
I realize I have covered a variety of subjects on this blog so far. I liked the idea of sharing a little about the types of aircraft I have flown and what I would like to fly in the future.
I started my flight training in a Beech Skipper. It was a fun little airplane to fly. This was the airplane I soloed in as well. I had 11 hours total time when I first took the controls without my instructor onboard. Up until my first solo landing I would have sworn that my flight instructor was doing everything.
I changed flight schools when I discovered that my instructor was billing extra time on the ground. I realize I have blogged about ground time being important and instructors should get paid for their time. However, I also feel that an instructor should be doing something of value during that time as well.
The next school took I experimented between Piper and Cessna aircraft. I did the bulk of the remainder of my training in a Cherokee 140 and took my check ride in a Piper Warrior. The FBO where I rented has a Grumman Chetah and Tiger for rent. Those were the airplanes I was eager to get my hands on. Since this was a small FBO I got to know the owners and was able to get some free flights in here and there when it was appropriate. That is how I got checked out in the Chetah.
There as a saying back then, “You drive a Cessna or a Piper, but you have to fly a Grumman.” These little airplanes are responsive and a great deal of fun to fly. I rented the Chetah for a cross country from Iowa to Houston, TX. The only part I did not like was getting stuck in Houston due to weather. As soon as I landed weather went below VFR mins and I was not instrument rated. Oh well, I had fun.
I have had the the opportunity to fly a wide variety of aircraft in my time. Let me see if I can list them by manufacturer.


Well, I could go on with other manufacturers, but it would only get boring. I think one of the most memorable airplanes I have flown (other than the CJ2+) is the Twin Bonanza. That is truly a classical old bird.

I have also flown a North American T6, which was used for training pilots during WWII and have been given a ride in a P51 Mustang. Now that was a cool ride.

OK, now for the list of airplanes I would like to fly. Hmm, that list is so long. Having hundreds of hours in the CJ series makes me miss flying jets. I would love to return to the 2+ or the CJ3 and now the CJ4 should be out soon as well. The strait CJ was rather anemic in compared to its more powerful counterparts. It is a good little jet, but I much preferred the 2+.

The avionics suite on the 2+ is far superior as well as the takeoff weight capacity and the capabilities of the airplane.

I of course would love to fly some larger aircraft. The 787 would be an experience. I have always enjoyed the experience of being a passenger on a 757 and thought it would be incredible to have the opportunity to fly.

Flying a fighter jet of some sort would be a complete rush of course. Now I am going to get closer to reality. I have looked at some of the light sport aircraft that are on the market now. I do not know the makes and models well enough to speak of them by name. But these little airplanes look like they could be a great deal of fun. Some of them have avionics superior to most of the larger airplanes I have flown. The glass panels in such a small aircraft is a great idea. I feel these types of airplanes could be a great way for someone who wants to learn to fly. A person can get a sport plane rating in less time that a private pilot license and start racking up the hours for more advanced ratings.

Well, I have rambled on enough for today. I hope all who read this blog enjoy. I think I am going to have another video posted soon.

Keep an eye on the sky,

Prozac Pilot

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