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I have often wondered what it means to be true unto myself. How can a person lie to himself? It is obvious if a person lies to another, and I believe it will be apparent to the victim at some point. Yes, I said victim. If one person lies to another that person who has been lied to has been victimized.

But lying to yourself? I grew up in a home filled with negativity. I was told on many occasions that I did not have what it takes to do some of the things I wanted to. I would ask my dad if he were going to come out to watch the sporting event in which I was going to play in. He answered saying it was not worth his time because I would not get to play anyway.
Now let’s look further at a situation like this. Did the father lie to the son? I can see two answers here. No, he did not lie. The son usually did not get asked to play. Yes, the father did lie. He most certainly should have been worth his time to go to the game even if it were to sit behind his son and give encouragement.
It is from interactions like these that causes a person to lie to himself. As the boy becomes a man he has that learning embedded in his mind. The new man may go watch his children do things just because he know how painful it was not to have his father there. But he will start lying to himself. He will tell lies such as, “I am not good enough to do this task. I do not have the qualifications for this job.” The list goes on and on of the lies he will tell himself each day. “I am not a smart person.”
These are not just lies, but they are irrational lies. They are irrational due to the fact that many of the things I told myself I could not do I had done before and done them well. Yet each time I faced challenges I would have it in my mind that I was not capable. That was a lie to myself. By lacking the confidence in myself—even in areas where I had proven myself— I stunted my opportunity for future growth in that area. My lie to myself damaged me. It could also affect those around me. If I were to limit myself as the bread earner in my family, then my family would go without. I could have also been limiting the possibilities of those who would use me as an example.
Lying, no matter how you look at it does damage. I have suffered from the lies of others and many years ago before making big changes in my life I had hurt others with my own lies.
Therefore, be true unto thyself. Give no reason for others to doubt you. Give yourself no reason to doubt you. Go forward with faith and confidence. Yes, there will be times that we will have failures along the way, but it how we look at those failures that could help us be successful in the future. Think of a professional basketball player. In his early years he would practice free throw after free throw, perhaps even thousands of free throws before he could make the basket on a routine basis. How many less famous basketball stars would there be if these individuals had not been true to themselves.
I was not sure what I wanted to write today as I sat down at my desk. I am glad these words were able to come to the front of my mind. I felt the need to put something down.
I will not be posting for a few days. I am off on a vacation with my family. There will be no electronics allowed.
Be true to yourself,
Prozac Pilot

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