Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

My wife and I are working on moving to the west to be near family. Currently, we have our health care coverage through a group plan where my wife works. This of course will change with her starting a new job when we move. We have a quote as to what it will cost to have group coverage for both of us from a company that wants to hire her. Our out of pocket cost is about $400 per month.

After finding this out I started looking at rates for a plan for myself since most of this out of pocket cost is to pay for my coverage. In receiving quotes I looked at the limitations of the insurance being offered. Of course when covering mental health the coverage is limited. Mental health coverage is limited on one plan to a LIFE TIME maximum of $3000. Currently, I see my doctor each month to monitor my medications. I have not been in therapy for a couple of months, but I am looking for a new therapist. Once I start therapy and going to the doctor I am sure that it will not take long to go through $3,000.
I did not see any stipulations in this plan limiting a life time maximum on the treatment of cancer or any other disease. The stigma placed on mental health causes a great deal of discrimination. I am beginning to think that when someone seeks help for depression that the depression deepens simply from all of the road blocks placed in the way.
My current insurance also treats mental health differently than other medical needs. My in network co-pay for most needs is $20 for an office visit to a doctor’s office. This co-pay does not vary from my primary physician to going to a specialist of some kind. However, when going to a mental health provider the co-pay goes out the window and my responsibility is 50%.
Well, get out your wallets and be prepared to pay if you want help. I am guessing that this is something that not many people have tried to stand up for. After all, if someone needs help with mental health they are crazy right?
Well, my ramblings have continued again. I am not trying to be negative all of the time. I am just venting I guess.
Keep and eye on the sky!
Prozac Pilot

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