Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

I was quoted by Dr. Shock recently. I went to his to post a thank you. Below are the comments that I posted.

I am honored that you would quote me from my blog. It is good to see words of encouragement. Not being able to peruse my chosen profession has been extremely difficult. But this is a decision my wife and I made together knowing what the consequences would be. I could do as other pilots do and simply not report the medications I am taking. But the ramifications of such a decision are endless. First, I could no longer consider myself an honest person. Secondly, if an accident occurred for any reason and the medical reports showed antidepressants in my system my company and family could face litigation. Once again, thank you for quoting me. Yes, I am at home and not allowed to fly, but I do so with honor. Keep an eye on the sky! Prozac Pilot

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