Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

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  1. Thank you for your honesty today on CNN. Mental health is still a issue among the masses, shame keeps many from seeking help. Until we have an honest conversation about mental health we will have instances like this. Mental illness is a process, which began with stress, lack of sleep struggles however no healthy minded person wakes up and decide to take lives, freak out or commit crimes. I am not excusing those whom are using this illness as a defense to do as they please, to the innocent However if a person has no criminal records,or medical history and has been productive on a regular bases, there is a logical reason to assume one has suffered a mental lapse and until it touches ones home personally and one watches the process from beginning until return one may never understand. We experienced it in our family from a service member, his name is Jack, we use the term Jack is back because we see the man we once knew. good luck to you for taking this stance, keep up the good work maybe many will come forward if we erase the stigma. I feel sad for this gentleman and his family and hope they find the support to understand what happened in their lives, Be blessed Angela

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