Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

Each day I wonder what it is I was sent to this earth to do. I have been given talents and gifts from God that I cannot waste or throw away. I love getting in front of a crowd and speaking. I have done a little stand up comedy. But it was the motivational speeches that I truly enjoyed. I have struggled for years what it is I should do with this talent. I have the ability to use my skills, but just not sure how to go about getting an audience. And not just getting an audience, but what message does that audience want to hear that I have some expertise in.

I am now in my fifties. I deeply love flying. But there has to be something else out there I can do that would make me just as happy. I am looking at some ways to be involved with various groups when I get to my new home after my move. Perhaps I can find what I need to do there. I would love to take these skills and use them to help others. I am guessing there are many who suffer from depression or survivors of childhood abuse that perhaps could benefit from hearing one of their own talk about how life can be good. Now the question is, how do I find an audience of people like this?
Any suggestions?
Keep an eye on the sky!
Prozac Pilot

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