Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

I am now sitting in front of a camera with a CNN film crew. I am coming out of the hangar on national TV. My feelings at this time are mixed. I have hidden my illness from the world for so long. Now I am faced with what will happen after this news segment airs. I am hopeful. How that the FAA has lifted the restriction of antidepressants I can possibly return to flying.

The world will know of my disease when the CNN story airs. It was somewhat of a relief bearing my face to the camera knowing that a mass audience will see me soon. It gives me hope that I will no longer have to hide the shame I feel from depression.
I am guessing that anyone who has seen my introduction video when I started this blog may want to see the man behind the mask. However, at this time I will not reveal myself. I will wait for my face to be shown on CNN. I will then post another video of me being me.
I hope what I have done will give others some hope for the future. I hope that others will seek the treatment they need. I ask others who suffer from depression to hide yourselves no more. Come out from behind the mask of depression and go on with your lives. Do not let the darkness hold you down any longer. Stand up with courage in your hearts and beat back the demons of depression. You deserve to live a life filled with joy.
Keep an eye on the sky!
Prozac Pilot

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