Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

With all that has transpired over the last few days my wife and I have talked about what path to take from here. I never imagined my blog getting the attention it is about to receive after my story comes out on CNN. I want to be able to take this attention and reach out to others and let them know they are not alone.

We came up with the idea of writing a book. We even came up with a good title.
The Prozac Pilot
My Flight From Inner Darkness
I hope there will be enough attention ahead of time that I can actually attract a reputable publisher that will want to work with me on this.
I look forward to hearing from anyone who may be able to point me in the proper direction.
Keep an eye on the sky!
Prozac Pilot

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  1. Just saw you on CNN- Wow, I hope you are proud of what you have done!!!
    Way to go… I am so impressed and happy when people come out of the closet with depression! I didn't know that pilots could not flu if on AD's.

    I also take AD's and am perfectly fine.
    Thank you for having courage!!! All the best!

  2. My last flight as a B737 Captain was April 7, 2009. I had secretly been fighting depression for at least a year prior. After self disclosing,I was diagnosed with major depression, general anxiety disorder and PSTD. Today I am taking Zoloft & Webutrin, see a therapist once a week, and a psychiatrist once a month. This new FAA policy has now made me no different than a pilot who has been labeled a recovering alcoholic or drug addict. The HIMS program will be only way back to the controls.

  3. Thanks for speaking out. I'm a controller and we're in the same boat except nothing is approved for us yet. I have not spoken about my depression with anyone associated with the FAA for years. I did ask the regional flight surgeon about using something after my last baby was born but was told I would loose my medical if I used anything. I even had my primary care doctor offer to prescribe an antidepressent that would not show up in drug tests. Out of fear of losing my job, I declined. I take St. John's Wort, the only "legal" option I have. I am blessed that it does help with my depression. I look forward to the day when the stigma is gone and we aviation professionals can use the drugs that will enable us to perform to the utmost of our abilities.

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