Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

I am almost finished with the first chapter of my book. It brought out some feelings and memories that I have not felt for a long time. However, in looking inside myself to write down these thoughts I did not feel the pain and darkness that I once would have. I am not sure I can described what I felt.

The healing process I have been through has strengthened me. I believe I am a better person for what I have been though. Being able to look at the negative events in my life and not allow those things to hold me back anyone longer certainly is a huge step forward.
I look forward to each day being a new adventure. I no longer want to sleep the day away. I get up and find things to do. I have been asked to submit an article to the National Alliance of Mental Illness or more commonly known as NAMI.
I am amazed at the attention I have been receiving from this. My name is all over the internet. I sent an email to Don Friesen who does a comedy routine that has been called Prozac Pilot. I think he may have thought I was upset at him when he responded. I wrote him back to let him know that I had taken no offense. I just hope that I have not offended him.
For so long I have kept my condition a secret. Now the many people throughout the world know I suffer from depression. I have been receiving a great deal of feedback. In future videos I will read some of the emails that have been sent to me. I will of course not reveal anyone’s identity.
I hope I can go forward and reach out to people who need help.
Keep an eye on the sky!
Collin Hughes
The Prozac Pilot

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  1. I recently found out that Buzz Aldrin in Bipolar. How is he able to fly into space if you can't fly commercial airlines. Side note, I am also Bipolar.

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