Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

I have not posted on my blog in a few weeks. But today I received a message from a woman who just lost someone close to her due to his depression. I received an email from a young lady who found her friend dead in his garage. He had taken his own life. Ironically, this man ended his life just two days after the FAA made its announcement about the approval of some antidepressants.

It is sad to hear about anyone who has lost so much. What is even sadder is that this man’s life could have been saved if he would have reached out for help. Either the thought of ending his career as a pilot or having to admit to himself that he needed help most likely stopped him from seeking the help that he so badly needed. Either of these two stumbling blocks lead to his death.

There is hope in the world. I urge anyone who is reading this and needs help to reach out to those near to you. Staying in the air is not worth your life.

Keep and eye on the Sky!

Collin Hughes

The Prozac Pilot

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