Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

The following is a copy of a post that I did on a blog that opposes pilots using antidepressants. This blog was written by an organization that believes the new rules are all to help the pharmaceutical companies make money.

Currently, there are pilots who suffer from depression, but will not seek help due to the fact they will no longer have a job. Even under the FAA’s new mandate a pilot will be grounded for one year after he/she is stable on medication. To me this is more of an issue of honesty. I would not trust someone who lies about their condition to keep a job. I grounded myself over two years ago when I went on antidepressants.
The one year stabilization time is more than enough time to know how a person is going to react on the medications. This decision was made in order to help pilots who need medical attention. I do not know of other jobs that would prohibit workers from taking antidepressants.
Surgeons can take medications. Bus, taxi and truck drivers can take medications too. Aviation is the only area that I know of that has had such a limitation. It is ludicrous to think that this decision was made so pharmaceutical companies could make more money.
I have had my career taken from me. I have found an alternate form of income. But if I am able to safely perform the duties of my chosen profession why should I not be able to do so?
Perhaps everyone on antidepressants should also not be allowed to drive a car. There is more danger on the roads than there is in the air.

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