Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

I have been getting some responce to the CNN interview. I am working on answering these as I can. I have posted some of these. Most have the responses have been positive. The comments from people have been on various posts I have on the blog. I plan to combine them into one post so these are easy to find. I will also comment on these posts as well. I am publishing both positive and negative posts. The only comments that I will not publish are rude comments. Please be patient if you have posted something and I have not commented yet. I got home late last night and did not even have a chance to spend much time with my wife after being gone for a few days. Tonight my sweetheart and I are going on a date. Therefore, it may be a day or two before I can get to the comments. Keep an eye on the sky! Collin Hughes The Prozac Pilot

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