Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

It has been way too long since my last post. I have been focused on work and home lately. Being back in aviation is great. However, since I am not doing much flying right now I feel I have much work to do in getting my skills to where they need to be. I am getting back in the air little by little. My main focus at work is aircraft sales right now. I am doing some instruction, but mostly ground school at this point. But people did not come here to read about me rambling about my flying. I have discovered that I have let the past hold me back too much. There have been many things happen to me in life that cause me to grieve. Due to these events I have not allowed myself to experience the many joys of life. One day when I was walking into the office I asked myself if I was happy. My answer was no. I then pondered why I felt this way. To my surprise, I could not find a single reason as to why I should not be happy. The only thing causing me not to be happy is that I simply did not try to be. Now that I have discovered why I do not feel happiness each day I must overcome this fault within myself and allow myself to be happy. How do I accomplish this great task? Simple, I just do it. Instead of thinking negatively, I need to look at things with a positive outlook. Instead of looking at the dark side of things I just need to look for the light. Finding joy in life is really simple if we try. If we but find positive and joyful things to say to others and feel those words are true, then joy will come our way. Life is great. Stand up and enjoy life. Do not live in fear. If we let fear run our lives we will miss out on the many things that make life great. Life is meant to be filled with joy and happiness. Do not allow yourselves to be brought down by the grind of your daily activities that seem negative. If you are faced with a bad situation find the good in what is going on. Even in the worst situation there can be something positive. Life is good, enjoy it. Keep an eye on the sky. Collin Hughes The Prozac Pilot

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  1. Life is not just joy and happiness, sadness is a part of life. And filling negative or sad is not a fault – its a feeling. Yes, it is important to find triggers for unhappiness that seems without good cause, and yes, re-patterning your thinking may be necessary but it is not 'simple' in the sense that it took years or major trauma to create the existing pattern (or both) – and it will take a while to undo that. Sadness too can be a way to learn and one should accept it as it is. IT is western egotism that lets us think life is all about bliss.

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