Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

I have put a link to a site that contains a statement from the family of Captain Clayton Osbon, the pilot on the JetBlue flight that has created such a stir in the media. But first, I have a couple things I would like to say on the matter.

There have been many sources indicating that Captain Osbon was on medications at the time of his episode. Let me go on record as saying THERE IS NO EVIDENCE HE WAS ON MEDICATIONS OF ANY KIND. There are several medical conditions that could have caused this situation. No one with a record like Captain Osbon goes to work and has something like this happen without provocation.

There have been way too many assumptions as to what happened that caused Captain Osbon to act the way he did. I just hope that he is allowed to get the medical treatment he needs.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Captain Osbon and his family. I am sure that the stress placed upon his family at this time is horrible. I would hope that people will be kind enough to leave his family alone. Let’s wait for the facts to come out as to what really happened. Jumping to conclusions simply causes more damage.

Here is the link to the statement from Captain Osbon’s family.

If this link does not work you can find this by going to JetBlue’s website and doing to the media section.

Keep an eye on the sky.

Collin Hughes

The Prozac Pilot

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