Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

Whether you are certificated pilot, student pilot or an aviation enthusiast you have all thought of the question regarding what creates lift. Lift is what allows an airplane to fly. Without lift even the lightest of airplanes would be grounded. Therefore, all aviators must know what factors go into the causation of lift.
I would like to take a spin the the topic of lift today. Not everyone who reads my words are aviators. But we all need lift in our lives. Without lift in our lives we metaphorically remain on the ground.
Everyone I know has the desire to better themselves. Even someone with the deepest depression or a person who seems to have little to no motivation wants to get ahead in life. Lift in life is not being rich or famous. Even some of the most rich and famous people have not found their lift in life.
Lift in life is what makes us happy. Lift in life is what brings us feelings of contentment and peace. Lift in life are the things that bring simplistic joy. I think we all need to reevaluate our lives and decide what is our lift in life.
All to often we see people whose lives are in shambles because they have the wrong idea of what lift is. If you cannot understand the simple aerodynamics of life you cannot expect to fly. If you try to climb without knowing the proper procedure or speeds to use you then run the risk of stalling. Recovering from a stall in an airplane can be much easier than recovering from a stall in life. By the time a student pilot is taught stall recovery in an airplane he or she has already learned the fundamentals that go into what causes an airplane to stall and how to recover from that stall.
Very few people have been taught the proper procedures for recovering from a life stall. It would be so much easier to find lift in life if we could just sit down with an instructor and learn the proper procedures. However, most of us learn from the school of trial and error. Sometimes using this method we are able to fly strait and level without incident, but all to often many people crash and burn.
The objective of finding the lift of life though should not be to simply fly strait and level. If we find the proper lift we can soar to great heights. So then what is it that causes such a great lifting power in life that we can rise so far above the drudgery of daily life?
Using the proper procedure is the key to any good flight. Let’s start with the pre-taxi checklist.
1. Get out of bed with the proper attitude.
2. Look forward to the flight (day)
3. Check to see that you have an appropriate amount of fuel for the flight.
Number three could actually go into a variety of things. Did you eat a proper breakfast? Did you exercise? If you are religious, did you say your prayers? I think you get the idea.
4. Do you have your clearance from air traffic control? In other words, do you have a flight plan for the day that you have thought out and cleared with yourself of whoever else may be involved that plan?
Now lets skip right to the takeoff checklist.
1. Power full forward. Do you have enough power or energy for the flight today? In other words, leave the doubts behind. If it is a difficult task in front of you go at it with full power and do not hold back.
2. Airspeed alive. Notice when you are rolling down that runway of life in a positive manner and give yourself credit for the positive things you have accomplished.
3. 70 knots cross check. Double check the things you are doing and that you are on path for success.
4. V1 (speed at which if you are committed to taking off even if something goes wrong). Now you are committed to flight. No matter if anything goes wrong you are still going to takeoff. If any problems arise you will simply handle them in the air.
5. Rotate. Now we add the back pressure and we are flying.
Lift in life can be simple. We just need to know what to put on our checklist for life. I think there needs to be some very simple items to do on this metaphorical checklist. Below I have listed some things that should be on everyone’s checklist.
1. Tell those close to you that you love them.
2. Smile as you pass strangers throughout the day.
3. Go out of your way to be nice to those you know and to some you do not know.
4. Treat others with respect and kindness.
5. Be kind to yourself.
7. Forgive those who have wronged you. Holding a grudge only hurts the one who holds the animosity towards the other. In most cases the other person has forgotten all about what he or she has done to wrong you to begin with.
Those are some simple, well mostly simple, things that we can do to help generate lift in life and be on our way to soaring to new heights. I hope you had enjoyed the post for today.
Until next time,
Keep an eye on the sky!
Collin Hughes
The Prozac Pilot

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