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I have never been one to contemplate if I am a glass half full or empty kind of person. I just always thought that was kind of a silly analogy. However, I do believe that the proper attitude is important in everything that a person does each day.

I remember when I was flying charter and waiting for passengers at various FBO’s around the country and hearing some pilots do nothing but complain about their jobs. I knew the companies they worked for and had talked with many other pilots who loved these companies. However, there will always be people who do nothing but complain no matter how good they have things. I have often wondered what makes people complain so much and for very little reason.

I started to think of attitudes after reading my scriptures the other day. Even if you are not religious you can see how important attitude is from what I am about to share.

After Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt he sent scouts ahead to the promised land. The scouts returned and reported a land that flowed with “milk and honey.” However, all but one of the scouts, Caleb, complained about other things that were found in the land they saw. Caleb looked at things with “another spirit” and claimed that these obstacles could be easily overcome. The others continued to complain. The Lord was so disappointed with their complaints after all he had done for them that he did not allow them to enter the promised land. The Israelites were allowed to enter this bountiful land only after all of those with Caleb and that generation had passed away.

This instance makes me think about when we complain. How much do we annoy the people around us with our complaints? Do we irritate others so much that are ready to ban us from their lives? What if two people with a propensity to complain we’re married to each other, what type of relationship would that be?

I think that most people see where I am going with this. Complaining is counterproductive. Instead of looking for the bad in all that we do it would be much better to look for the good things in life. If you have a job that has many problems stop pointing out the problems and look for solutions to improve the situation.

The next time you see something you do not like about your life, think about what you do like. If you still see things in a negative light, think about what you can do to change or improve the situation. Life is filled with choices. It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to be positive or sit back, complain and do nothing.

Keep an eye on the sky!
Collin Hughes
The Prozac Pilot

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  1. I love this post. I hear my coworkers complain in my job everyday I am there and yet they do nothing about it. This post is so good. Great perspective!

  2. Tyler,

    I have not been paying this blog the attention that it deserves lately. Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. I was reminded lately the good a site like this can do. Hopefully I will take more time in my schedule to post here on a regular basis. My airline schedule keeps me pretty busy now. Once again, thank you.

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