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I can’t. These words combined is the most dangerous phrase a person can say. I have thought this about myself many times throughout my life. I have let these harmful words creep into my mind and limit my own abilities. 

Each and everyone of us is capable of doing so much within our own limitations. I mention of limitations because we are human. It is not possible to jump over the moon so to speak. But we can receive the training and become an astronaut to fly to the moon. I know after reading the last sentence that many people will say, “I can’t become an astronaut.” If you think you cannot then of course you will not.

I am just using the scenario of flying to the moon as an extreme example. The same goes for anything we want to do in life. Many people will make up excuses for not being able to do something. Some people may think they have physical disabilities that would hold them back from doing things they want to. In some cases this may be true. But in many cases it really is our own minds holding us back.

Jennifer Bricker is a perfect example of how a person can reach beyond the limits that others saw in her. Jennifer was born without legs. This did not stop this incredible young lady. She was adopted by a family who told her she can do anything she set her mind to do. Jennifer wanted to do gymnastics. She worked hard and accomplished her desires. People with the “I can’t” attitude would tell her that it is not possible for a person without legs to be a gymnast. Jennifer did not let that stop her.

We limit ourselves. Our minds are powerful. Success or failure is within our own minds. If a person thinks he or she can do something and puts in the efforts to accomplish this task, the chances of success will be high. This does not mean that there will not be failure along the way. Micheal Jordan did not make every shot he attempted. The best quarterbacks in history did not complete every pass that they threw. The best singers in the world will hit an off note.

The difference between success and failure is attitude. The first step is believing in yourself. The second step is making yourself do the work. The third step is believing in yourself again when the disappointing moments happen. The forth step is getting back up and moving forward after those disappointing moments. It is all a cycle. We can choose to end the cycle at any time. We end it when we let a disappointing moment stop our progress and say, “I can’t.”

Surround yourself with good people and be a good person back. If you are positive other people will want to be around you. There is always someone nearby who will tell you that you cannot do something. It is usually a person who has the “I can’t” mindset about their own dreams. Since this person tells him or herself that he or she cannot they tend to drag others down to their own level. People who are successful will not tolerate this type of negative feedback in their lives. 

Give positive feedback to those around you. If you put forth an attitude of encouragement to others you will most likely receive positive feedback as well. There may always be the negative person around to drag you down. But do not listen to them. Often times the people trying to drag you down have no idea they are dong so, they simply think they are trying to help. They believe they are keeping you from disappointment. These people may even be close family members such as a parent or a spouse. Those are the most difficult people to not listen to. However, you must continue to listen to yourself and continue to work towards what ever your dream may be. Well, there may be some dreams that should not be worked towards. Dreams that are illegal or immoral are not really dreams, but just bad ideas.

Find good examples to follow. See what these people did to become successful. You will find that anyone who has great success has had a path riddled with moments of failure. But they did not give up. 

Never again say, “I can’t.” Say, “I can.” If someone tells you that you can’t, simply prove them wrong.

Keep and eye on the sky!

Collin Hughes,

The Prozac Pilot

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