Fighting For Pilots' Mental Health

I was contacted by the media again today. There is a study that is being released regarding pilots and depression. It seems whenever there is news regarding this topic the media wants to talk with me. I have been idle on my blog for several months now. Part of me wants to not be known by what this blog represents. However, I have been able to help many people. That is the reason I keep it going. 

I decided to do an interview for the CBS This Morning show. I have not seen the final product and will see it along with the rest of the country in the morning. I wanted to take the time to write this post before it airs. I know there will be many people look at this blog after the interview airs. I wanted to write something fresh to welcome new readers.

I hope that what is shown in the interview comes across positive. I have been misquoted in the past. Therefore, I have been hesitant to consent to interviews recently. When I started this blog I had no idea that it would draw so much attention. I was not seeking to be in the public eye this much. But now that I am here I can only hope that I can do some good.

I understand this is a controversial topic. I have received some negative feedback from the public. But the amount of positive comments far outnumbers the negative remarks. It is due to the people who thank me for stepping forward that I continue to keep this blog going. The following story is the exact reason I went public.

I was contacted a few years ago by a young woman who had just started college and suffered from depression. She was looking for support on what she was going through. She was working with the FAA to receive approval for her FAA Medical Certificate so she could become a pilot. 

Throughout the years I have kept in contact with this young woman. I gave her encouragement as she went through the process. She was cleared by the FAA and went on to earn her Private Pilot Certificate and followed that up with obtaining her instrument rating. She is now ready to take her Commercial Pilot check ride. This past May my wife and I attended her college graduation from Embry Riddle University where she obtained her degree in an aviation related course of studies. 

Helping others is the reason I started this blog. I am excited that I have been able to assist people who have reached out to me. I realize that there will always be critics. This is true no matter what the subject matter may be. There will always be two sides to a topic. As we all know each side comes out to the extreme on the internet. Therefore, I know I open myself up to criticism. But when the people who hide behind their computer screens log off I am still in public view doing what I can to encourage others. This encouragement does not just go out to someone who wants to fly. A good positive message can be applied to anything in life. 

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